Aviation Eye Examinations Brisbane

CASA Eye Examinations

Aviation eye examinations take 45 minutes. They comprise a full assessment of vision, spectacle refraction, binocular vision and co-ordination, peripheral vision and ocular health assessment (including the glaucoma test and dilated fundus examination).

As part of your examination your pupils will be dilated, so it is best to bring sunglasses and plan not to drive for at least 2 hours afterwards.

Your results can be instantly electronically submitted directly to CASA at the conclusion of your examination, providing you bring your ARN and photo ID (eg driver’s licence or passport).



CAA (New Zealand) Eye Examinations

CAA eye examinations are similar to CASA examinations, but not exactly the same. Although CAA is not set-up for electronic lodgement, we have all the CAA paperwork to allow you to leave your examination with your required paperwork ‘in hand’.

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